Total global music sales arrived at $16.5 billion in 2012, up .3 percent, with electronic revenues jumping 9 percent.

That?’s not really a huge move, but considering that it’s the very first increase in more than a decade, the music business has a genuine reason to scream and shout, and let it all out.

It is difficult to remember a year that has started with such a palpable buzz in the air,Frances Moore, the CEO of the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) said today in a statement. The music business has reached its best year-on-year performance since 1998. The direction of travel toward development is clear.
Simply 2 yrs ago, Moore said, the main digital music providers such as iTunes and Spotify just were in 20 international markets. Right now, they’re in over 100 nations, such as Brazil, India, and Russia. Digital music sales are obviously where the growth is, and markets as diverse because the U.S., India, Norway, and Sweden, digital income has overtaken physical revenue.

Music continues to have a long way to go: digital revenues were 34 percent of the music sectors revenues. And they’re developing pretty slowly, too. Digital revenue of $5.6 billion in 2012 is up just about 10 percent from 2011??s $5.1 billion.
But the trend is, lastly, up.
And it’s not only downloads. The IFPI states that subscription revenue is up also. In fact, it’s developing quicker than the download business: up 44 percent from 2011. In some countries such as Sweden, South Korea, and France, more and more people subscribe to music than download it, a trend that are increasing in popularity in the U.S as well.

Obviously, the IFPI states that illegal and pirated songs continue to be a major roadblock to music business nirvana. Megaupload figures prominently in this narrative, and the IFPI states that FBI estimates of damage to the creative industries by pirating on Megaupload was at the region of a half billion dollars.
All in all, the IFPI and its national affiliate marketers found and requested elimination of 15.9 million infringing music files in 2012, a procedure that it says remains an poor and inefficient remedy to tackle massive online infringement.
All in all, nevertheless, the music industry is lastly rising and to the right in revenue in addition to impact, with 68.9 billion legal streams of music in North America alone in 2012, together with 1.6 billion albums sold.