Today we all know Pandora as the Internet’s radio station that shows over billion hours of music per month. But the company initially started life as a songs kiosk service for record shops. As well as in between, it suffered a savage decade of near-death experiences.

Pandora really started as a company called Savage Beast Technologies,Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy states in a new Total Disruption video. The vision ended up being to provide software program to assist people purchase more music in music stores. Regrettably, that was a dying business.

Source: A Complete Disruption

Savage Animal struggled for three to 4 years, Kennedy says, with no success, as the music business transitioned in excellent pain and with wonderful resistance to digital. Pandora also refocused on digital music, however the pivotal moment was the release of the iPhone application store.
We virtually fallen everything we were doing,Kennedy states. And even today, Pandora is the second most widely used app in the iOS application store.
The battle wasn’t over after 4 years in the music store business, it required a year to refocus on customized music, delivered straight to music lovers through the web. The company’s initial profitable quarter wasn’t for an additional five to six years and then Pandora needed to recommend for laws relaxing music royalties to get it done, as growing revenue doesn’t actually matter if costs grow faster.
Currently, Pandora has 150 million users in the U.S., having a third of them tuning in to the service every single day, hearing over a billion several hours of music each month.
But Pandora still encounters a long road ahead, with feasible encroachment into its business model from Apple, still tough revenue numbers in spite of a developing subscriber count, and feasible competition from Spotify.