Rumors that Spotify may broaden from music to TV have cropped up nearly since the service began 4 years ago.

The newest peddler is Danish public broadcaster TV2, whose Beep tech site states it’s found that Spotify is discussing to distribute HBO”s approaching HBO Nordic over-the-top pay-TV service across Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Spotify”s PR folks are becoming strategically coy, showing paid Content: There”s usually lots of speculation surrounding Spotify but it”s something we never discuss. HBO Nordic”s Danish reps also provided us a no-comment. .

The concept Spotify could diverge from music has often planed to to spend more debt to fantasy than to fact. At this time, Spotify”s software doesn’t have apparent way to deliver video.

But can there be fact now?

Apart from the partners” rejection to debunk the report, what exactly is true is the fact that Spotify has considerable clout over the area. At home in Sweden, the {support|services} is becoming music labels” largest revenue source; nearly 90 percent of songs revenue arises from streaming.

Spotify”s billing connections with several million customers through the area can be attractive to HBO since it looks to export its programming in a legal subscription basis.

Actually, that billing connection alone might be appealing enough for HBO in spite of Spotifys lack of ability to offer video, Spotify customers could nonetheless use HBO Nordic on other platforms and products. If HBO rode Spotify for bundling this way, it might be highly ironic, because Spotify itself is seriously seeking bundled-billing companions.

When it works at home, after that Spotify could try exporting the TV concept elsewhere, much like it has with music. That will expand Spotify”s base significantly to being a multi-media subscription entertainment company . But it might also put it on a collision course by incorporating far more powerful rivals, and set it at risk of focus creep.

Spotify offering HBO Nordic can also put it at odds using its most significant regional partner?.

Scandinavian telco TeliaSonera which possesses a Spotify combining deal already intends to offer HBO Nordic itself to its 900,000 TV customers and on the web for €10 each month.

Spotify receives a quarter of its Premium customers in Sweden from TeliaSonera, the offer in which runs across TV app, mobile and broadband support.

Recently-announced HBO Nordic, releasing in mid-October, will provide HBO shows like Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones and True Blood outside of pay-TV subscription but also for internet subscription or on-demand transactions, immediately after U.S. premiere.

Netflix prefaced HBO”s announcement of HBO Nordic by saying it will go live in Scandinavia, marking the first time HBO and Netflix squarely will compete for the similar customers on the web.