Spotify has released a new ‘Play’ button today which enables customers to add any track from the streaming service’s vast catalog on other web pages.

The service, which will take the form of a Soundcloud-style web widget, implies that any user can publish a track of their option online and stream it from Spotify. As along with embedding individual tracks, users may also be able to offer up albums and playlists of their option. See it in action now on our 50 greatest producers function, and album reviews.

The new gadget has been released in partnership with numerous media outlets, such as NME. Speaking about the launch, NME.COM editor Luke Lewis said: “We’ve been making Spotify playlists to improve our blog posts for some time now, but we’ve never had the opportunity to embed them within the page itself. Therefore this is a very cool new function. It indicates that, in the future, when users read our album/track reviews, list features, or new band recommendations, they will be able to stream the tracks immediately via Spotify, within NME.COM ¬®with out firing up the software, or opening a new window.”

That’s an essential point: for now, the Spotify Play Button isn’t a symbol of Spotify shifting from its desktop client to more of a web support like US rival Rdio. Not yet, anyway: however it may well be on the agenda.

“Today we’re just referring to this step that we’re taking, but stay tuned,” Sten Garmark, director of platform at Spotify, tells The Guardian. “This is the next stepping-stone to getting the OS of music. We really need to be the de facto standard for music on the internet.”