Spotify is said to soon release a browser-based version of the streaming support, “multiple sources” tell TechCrunch. Typically the Spotify service is only able to be used through their desktop client or via their mobile apps. The downloadable clients work nicely enough for most of us, but a browser-version will probably help Spotify expand by reduction of friction – it’s hard to exhibit Spotify when you are in your friend’s computer.

Instead of being a straight port of the desktop design, the browser version is continues to be referred to as having a larger concentrate on music discovery via your friends activity. There was not any major updates towards the Spotify design since they released their social functions, so it is going to be interesting to find out how the services will be reinterpreted for the browser.

Multiple sources are evidently claiming the song streaming service Spotify is considering launching a new browser-based version of Spotify in the coming months to expand and make usage on the entire easier.

The proceed to a browser-based version in the desktop client application will open the website to millions of more casual users from new people to the services or even to people who’ve limitations on downloading programs at work or other venues.

The browser-based update may also remove most of the issues that customers have using the service, such as compatibility with various operating systems and service packs, as well as the online capabilities will place Spotify in accordance with its major competitors such as Rdio and Pandora.

Using the online streaming market booming right now, Spotify will be looking to make the service more available to snare a bigger segment of the market along with the service now having over 4 million paying customers on board, the Swedish company want to open up to as many new users as possible.