Friday’s Spotify tour bus Neon Reverb showcase changed the Bunkhouse into an oasis of down-home indie rock. Local and national acts stored the laid-back crowd contented all night, although the lime-green Spotify bus passed out swag and newly minted photo-booth pics. At the corner, a tiny voter registration table was really working, persuasive local musician Megan Wingerter, among others, to sign up. Great recruiting technique: live music and beer.

The Clydesdale started the night with their rockabilly chic outfits and attitudes. Paige Overton donned red flowers in her own shiny coif since the growing crowd expectantly edged forward. However, the band got off to a rocky start: an audio problem and some kind of miscommunication by what they were playing. By their third song, although, these were all as cool as bassist Jason Aragon have been all along. Bassists never worry. When they played wicked country epic “Dale Torro,” the area was wrapped about their littlest finger.
Among the noticeable improvements of the Neon Reverb over every other reveal that has ever happened in Las Vegas outside of a casino: They pretty much stuck to the timetable, which means three minutes after The Clydesdale finished, Zach Ryan and also the Renegades were tuning up their harmonica outside. It’d be remiss if I didn”t let you know their blues sound is simply strengthened by the truth that the keyboardist dresses much like John Popper, hat and all. The titular Ryan, nevertheless, reminds among a young Neil Young, long hair, harmonica and all. Appearances aren”t misleading, with one crowd member commenting that they “sound such as the lovechild of Young and Petty.” Quite simply, they”re fairly awesome. Mid-set Ryan commented, “This is desert rock.”Sadly, not for very long; this merry band of folk stars is striking the road for Nashville soon. Towards the end of their set they covered Chuck Berry”s “C”est la vie,”the 2nd time, and band, of the night which had me thinking of Pulp Fiction.

The Bus hit the I-5 and go to Portland for a pre-festival party at digital agency, The Brigade, where it hosted a night of music from the band Mimicking Birds and DJ Reverend Shines, before striking up showcase music festival, Musicfest NW, where it stopped by local landmarks to express hi to friends and artists MUTEMATH, The Pains Of Being Pure St Heart, and Radiation City, just before bidding adieu and heading back down South.