The music service currently requires individuals to join the service using their Facebook credentials.

Spotify launched in Oct. 2008 and originally allowed users to create their own login credentials specifically to the website, however this policy had changed in Sept. 2011 when Spotify began to require people use their Facebook accounts to open an account. If a person didn’t have a Facebook account, with the new policy, they were directed to open one.

Users who try to sign up for Spotify today are greeted with the message:
You need a Facebook account to register for Spotify. If you have an account, just log in below to register. If you don’t have a Facebook account, get one by clicking the ‘create an account’ link below.

This change in policy didn’t sit too well with some groups of users, as it was too much sharing for some, to the point where the music service had to make some privacy tweaks.
However, users in Germany can now bypass this requirement altogether, and are being offered an alternative method to sign up to be a member.

According to an email sent to The Verve, Spotify said, “New users in Germany can now register with the music service by providing an email address and a username. We are introducing this new sign-up option in order to offer non-Facebook-connected users in Germany a choice of ways to access Spotify.”
While, if offered, an email sign-up option would likely be embraced in other markets, the company reportedly has no intentions to allow this option outside of Germany. So if you live anywhere else, at least at this time, it appears you’re out of luck. WebProNews reported Spotify said in regard to its allowing users in Germany an email option, it has “no plans to replicate this in any other markets.”

Several other media reports Spotify says the company remains “absolutely committed to our global strategic partnership with Facebook.”

So for the time being, new users will need to link up with Facebook before accessing Spotify’s services.
PC Magazine pointed out that Germany “isn’t exactly a prime market” for either Facebook or Spotify.
That being the case, perhaps this allowance won’t have much of an impact on the two companies’ strategic plans to integrate and share information.

When it comes to privacy issues, Germany is often one of the first countries to voice upset, having previously taken on technology companies such as Facebook and Google. Last year Google abandoned its Street View initiative in Germany.