Let’s make believe that you do not have an army of PhDs and MBAs assisting you determine ways to beat Spotify in the war to rule the streaming media game.

Then let’s make believe that you counted on me for recommendations. I understand: ridiculous. However let’s simply pretend. It’s my blog site, after all.

Right here are three things you can do that will encourage individuals like me, who have actually been Spotify Premium consumers for over a year, to switch to your approaching offering, whatever it could be called. (Note: If you choose to call your service Google Earballs or Google Boogie, the tips below will not use. I will never ever utilize your service.).

1. Offer the heavy hitters. Spotify’s catalog is impressive, but it has some uncomfortable spaces. You will not find any Beatles, and a search for Led Zeppelin turns up a host of tribute cds however not the real McCoy. Not having these foundational bands is like leaving out the Yankees from the history of baseball. You have the cash and power. Make it happen.

2. Create a web-based customer. I’ll need a native app for my daily commute with the bowels of NYC, but for my desktop experience, please offer a web-based customer. For those on admin-restricted devices, this is commonly the only method to enjoy some tunes while hustling for the man.

3. Make sharing easier. Forcing recipients of a shared track to download an app, register for an account or jump with some other hoop is just visiting keep you from getting more people hooked on your service. There must be only one obstacle to sharing: a single click of the mouse.

Which’s it! Spotify does a lot of things right. Reputabling that you’ll follow their example and apply my skilled recommendations above, I can guarantee you that a minimum of one Spotify customer will jump ship. The rest is up to your marketing department.