Spotify, The biggest streaming service provider work with Apple AirPlay and the cooperation is great, but in cooperation with Google Cast aren’t so smoothly.

Previously, customers purchase any new multimedia speaker with audio streaming technologies also supports Google Cast Spotify Connect, a minimum of, customers at house using the concept to listen to Spotify on-line music speakers list may be realized. But now, a streaming service provider Spotify announced it no longer supports Google Cast.

A spokeswoman for Spotify within this year’s International Customer Electronics Show (CES) around the Pocket-lint: “We publish Spotify Connect simply because we think that if we’ve the finish to finish technologies, so we are able to permit customers to possess the very best streaming service encounter. on by the world’s leading one hundred brands of gear integration, Spotify Connect benefit is apparent. presently we personal have skilled the very best audio high quality and ease of use, so now there’s absolutely nothing else can integration or the partners to share the news. we’ll continue to create Connect, in 2015, to add new attributes to its partners, and gear. ”

Even though the have to assistance much more solutions, speaker producers don’t appear to like going to become crazy, particularly in Spotify has 12.five million customers, of which 50 million are below active user. Simply because Spotify Connect demands a subscription charge, so fairly speaking, it’s much more essential to total 12.five million.

Nevertheless, the speaker can assistance these sorts of combinations of streaming media capabilities, this function may allow these customers who wish to have the ability to assistance all technical speakers frustrated. For instance, intelligent phones, in the event you currently have in thoughts the perfect speaker, the manufacturer or the cost, so he only requirements to select probably the most preferred platform.

Sony, for instance, which lately released its SRS-X99 wireless speakers. The speaker supports Google Cast, Spotify Connect, also as Sony’s personal Sony “s SongPal hyperlink, and also the user can notice that it doesn’t AirPlay. In contrast, at CES newest Sony released the receiver supports all technologies, such as AirPlay, Google Cast, and Spotify Connect.

Philips also released their speakers around the speaker cautiously setup Spotify button. Gently press the button, the user could make the speakers play Spotify playlists, which permit customers to possess the chance to touch of speakers, you are able to appreciate music in each space within the entire home – but this really is only a theoretical